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Doing our part to build stronger and healthier communities.


Understanding is the key to progression. We strive to learn and teach everything we know. To help those get the right information.


Pain comes in many forms and we are help to help you through everything. You are not alone.

Gems for Gems
Mission Statement

Gems for Gems has identified the need to not only ease the pain created by the global epidemic of domestic abuse, but to do all within our power to end the cycle for as many women, and their children, as possible.

Empowering these women to empower themselves ignites the spark needed to create lasting change. Through our initiatives, that spark grows into the fire used to light the way to a new life for all.

Gems for Gems
Vision Statement

The cycle of abuse can only end by igniting the desire to initiate actions which create lasting change. We facilitate this change by executing monthly motivational events, in collaboration with community leaders, privately within the shelters, and exclusively for women who have survived domestic abuse. This, in addition to our Gems for Gems National Scholarship Program, will use motivation and education to change the lives of all women and children touched by this initiative. The potential is as limitless as the need itself. Gems for Gems is focused on satisfying that need one woman at a time.

Nothing changes, if nothing changes.” C.P. Sennett

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