Gems For Gems

We are hosting our second public Zero to Hero

Come see Gems for Gems in action on December 15th at the Mahogany Beach Club from 11:30-2:30!

We are hosting our second public Zero to Hero! Usually these events happen within shelters and are uplifting events focus on meeting each person at their ground ZERO and showing them they can be their own HERO!

Tickets are only $15 and you will leave learning about what Gems for Gems offers these very deserving women!

Join us! Be part of the change!

Buy Tickets at EventBrite by clicking here

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Gems for Gems Vision Statement

The cycle of abuse can only end by igniting the desire to initiate actions which create lasting change. We facilitate this change by executing monthly motivational events, in collaboration with community leaders, privately within the shelters, and exclusively for women who have survived domestic abuse. This, in addition to our Gems for Gems National Scholarship Program, will use motivation and education to change the lives of all women and children touched by this initiative. The potential is as limitless as the need itself. Gems for Gems is focused on satisfying that need one woman at a time.

Nothing changes, if nothing changes.” C.P. Sennett

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Gems For Gems Mission Statement

Gems for Gems has identified the need to not only ease the pain created by the global epidemic of domestic abuse, but to do all within our power to end the cycle for as many women, and their children, as possible.

Empowering these women to empower themselves ignites the spark needed to create lasting change. Through our initiatives, that spark grows into the fire used to light the way to a new life for all.

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Community Sponsor: Sacred Hearts Rising

Sacred Hearts Rising is a book and also an event that is held yearly.

Through the Sacred Hearts Rising books we encourage women and men to share their stories about their past or traumatic events that have changed their lives. We have found that through talking about and sharing our painful pasts we all start to heal, one step at a time. The authors are able to shed their fear, shame or guilt about their trauma and they realize that they are not alone in their struggles. The stories are inspirational and heart felt and show the reader that they too can move past their own stories to have a fuller life if they choose to.

The topics range from sexual abuse, sexual molestation, cyber sexual exploitation, incest, rape, mental illness, suicide, abandonment, grief, loss, near death, domestic violence, spiritual elements to cancers, all that have impacted their lives.


Everyone has a story and Sacred Hearts Rising Summit: It’s Time recognizes that not all of us can openly talk about  our secrets or the trauma we have suffered. This is an event about everyday women moving past the traumatic events.

In the Sacred Hearts Rising Summit event we educate, support and encourage those that have suffered that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. With supporters in attendance we have started to help those still holding the dark secrets close to their hearts, afraid to let the whole world or their family and friends know their secrets.

There really is no topic off limits. That is the purpose of Sacred Hearts Rising to finally break the silence around stories that so many of us face alone, because nobody wants to talk about it. But the silence around the stories is deadly and women, men and children need to be able to feel safe and free to share their own stories. There is no story bigger than the last, they are all of our stories.

Many studies have been done about the long term effects of abuse and trauma on our health in later life from holding on their stories. Sacred Hearts Rising understands those health effects and is working to help those in need, shed their past and step into a new future. But we cannot do it alone, the women and men have to take an active role is wanting to change their lives further than what we can provide. We are just a stepping stone in their journey to healing.

Sacred Hearts Rising has also created a movement called “Create the Change”, this is a movement that simply is saying: me too, it’s time, no more. Create the Change is simply that, we want to create changes in our laws and policies, in how society perceives domestic violence, sexual abuse, sexual molestation and how police policies and government treat victims of sexual crimes. We want victims to be treated fairly and not victimized once more by the legal system. We want to Create the Change for the betterment of Women and Children around the world.

You can join our mission by becoming a member of Create The Change and to stand up and say: “We stand against domestic violence and abuse against women and children in all its forms.”

The Summit has speakers and guests from across North America, the theme is all about inspiring and encouraging women by giving them hope and examples of healing pathways so that they can move past the traumatic events that affect them physically and mentally. In addition to these speakers we will be having live performances by two Canadian singer/songwriters and offering self-defense training, heart yoga, line dancing and a drumming healing circle.


Brenda Hammon

CEO and Founder of Sacred Hearts Rising.

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Gems for Gems goes to the Oscars!

Such an amazing thing to be apart of! We are so excited!

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Jordan Guildford to Speak at Womanition in Leadership Conference

Jordan Guildford, Founder of Gems for Gems, to speak at the Womanition Women in Leadership conference in Calgary, Alberta May 25th, 2018!

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Gems For Gems invited to Brett Wilson’s benefit concert

#brettbrettbenifit Was an amazing event!

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Gems For Gems at the Womanition Women in Leadership conference

Jordan Guilford, Founder of Gems for Gems, to speak at the Womanition Women in Leadership conference in Calgary , Alberta May 25th!

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Gems for Gems Scholarship Selection Board

Gems for Gems Scholarship Selection Board

Gems for Gems Scholarship Selection Board

The Gems for Gems Scholarship Selection Board

The Gems for Gems Scholarship Selection Board is a carefully chosen group of strong women who each possess a special place in their hearts for our cause. They have come to us from varying backgrounds and stages of life to ensure each candidate will have all perspectives of consideration fully engaged in this process.

Their role is to meet with and interview each candidate placed before them with love, warmth and kindness. However, they have been tasked with selecting the scholarship recipients. This is no simple endeavour. They come fully equipped with life and scholastic experience of all varieties pertinent to this process being executed with grace and strength while working with the award recipients as well as those who are not selected.

Reem Smolley


Lorna Selig

Lorna Selig has been part of the Calgary Family and Community Social Services industry for many years.  Her passion for emotional safety and wellness in children and teens has transferred into her Personal Safety Training Company, Safe4Life.

The original Self Defense training program was developed by a City of Calgary Police Officer and has been presented in policing and security environments, corporate settings, community venues, and schools for more than 20 years.  Lorna was a trainer and facilitator with the original program for 10 years, teaching the courses for children, teens and adults. In March of 2014, Lorna purchased the company, rebranded as Safe4Life, and expanded with new classes and facilitators, while maintaining the solid integrity of the original curriculum.

Lorna wants to share this personal safety information with all individuals, but especially with children, who may find themselves inadvertently at risk and are the most vulnerable. Education and information is the best way to reduce the incidence and statistics of assault and victimization.

Being part of the Gems for Gems Community and participating in the Selection Committee is a great honor for Lorna. It is an amazing opportunity to give back to the women she supports and empowers.  Working with a team of enlightened women is what she stands for and hopes others can achieve.

Colleen Songs

Colleen Songs is a Canadian Singer/Songwriter/Inspirational Speaker who has been spreading her message about using your inner strengths to lead you to the fulfillment of your wildest dreams.
She began singing and writing when she was 14 and leaned in to those talents to carry her through adolescence, romance, heartache, back to love, motherhood, wellness, trauma, and the loss of a loved one with mental illness.

She has conquered MS for the past 21 years and has recently began singing once again following a car accident that caused her to have emergency neck surgery leaving her more afraid of losing her voice than afraid of the surgery.

Using that time of recovery, Colleen wrote her memoir, ‘INHALE’ with Tellwell Publishing Canada based on her journey as a Caregiver of a loved one with Mental Illness where she had to dig deep into her inner strengths and gut instincts that kept her alive, able to escape, and living her dream life.

Currently Colleen is writing and recording her second album ‘This Life’, one song at a time, and working on her memoir sequel…because “Dreams Never Expire!”-Colleen Songs.

Katie Turner

Katie Turner is a psychologist, speaker and intuitive healer and believes in a holistic approach to healing. Katie is passionate about helping others connect with the power of their own inner light to create deep and lasting transformation.

Katie speaks on the psychology and spirituality of creating change and offers one-on-one sessions, workshops and groups to provide healing and guidance to spiritual seekers.
Learn about the science and spiritual of creating change at

“I am so thrilled to be able to offer my services in support of Gems for Gems and all the amazing, heart-cantered women involved. Jordan is a beautiful soul inside and out and has created a beautiful vision and community. I love the focus on empowering women to empower themselves and I am so excited to have been invited to be a part of the Zero to Hero series.”

Bonnie Earl

Bonnie Earl is a Women’s Empowerment Coach and speaker with a 35-year history in education. Since her husband’s death from ALS in 1997, she has been guiding women feeling pain, fear, and confusion to create a new, empowering story of their lives. Bonnie is masterful at holding space for women so that regardless of their pain, with support, they can access the deep power, courage and wisdom within.

Bonnie teaches a unique set of practices for a new generation of women who want to lead with their feminine side. She teaches women how to get out of their heads and into their bodies, to connect with their powerful feminine energy. Anyone who works and plays with Bonnie embodies the teachings to lead so they can have a positive, joyful, juicy life, as well as the ability to earn the income they desire.

Ang Ferlaino

“I am honored and inspired to have been asked to join Gem for Gems. I moved to Calgary from Montreal looking for change, stability and opportunity. What I found was so much more; a fantastic support network of friends and family who are encouraging of my goals and dreams. I am blessed to to be able to stay home with my son, while working part time providing nutrition assessments and am back in school pursuing my dreams of working in the medical field.

Gems for Gems is a great organization that provides a positive forum for women to work together in support of each other. I am looking forward to connecting with all the wonderful women in this organization as well as paying forward all the kindness, generosity and support I was lucky enough to receive when I first moved here.”

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