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Cali Leighton

Gems for Gems Ambassador

My name is Cali and I live and work at a bank in Calgary. Some of my interests include reading, cooking, hiking, snowboarding, and playing video games. I would like to be a part of Gems for Gems to make a difference in our communities. The cause Gems supports really resonates with me and I look forward to being a part of something amazing!

Cari Frame

Cari Frame is a woman with a wildly eclectic resume and a heart of gold. Her varied career includes expertise in the fields of solopreneur-ship, civil engineering, crisis intervention, health ethics and (wait for it) firefighter.

Cari has harmonized her broad professional skills and her passionate caring for people into her company Empowered Wellness Coaching. She is an internationally certified Life Coach and Nutrition Coach with hundreds of hours experience connecting to what’s most transformational for her clients and her workshop participants.

Cari has also devoted hundreds of hours to volunteering on the front-lines of crisis and suicide intervention at the Distress Centre, southern Alberta’s primary suicide hotline. Being present to someone in a moment of loneliness and distress is a privilege that Cari applies her whole self to. Being a survivor of domestic abuse herself, she knows that being truly heard and respected is a powerful step towards empowering oneself.

Gems for Gems motto of empowering women to empower themselves is perfectly aligned with Cari’s primary focus in life and work. Cari’s motto is “Whatever it is, you ARE strong enough”.

David Shilson

David Shilson is currently a forklift driver for Trans X after being a safety rep for Thermo Design and before that a courier manager and dispatcher in Kamloops,BC Is his spare time he loves working out at Orange Theory, going camping, hiking and jogging. Enjoys the occasional scotch and cigar on the deck.

Gems has impacted me by opening my eyes to how little help women suffering from domestic abuse receive after leaving shelter. How because of this many women return to abusive relationships and back to shelters sometime many times. It breaks my heart to think of someone having to return to someone that causes them so much pain because there is so little help to change their lives. Gems also opened my eyes to how men react and treat women reporting domestic abuse and how we don’t support women.

Eileen Head

Eileen Head is a Personality Pattern & Relationship Coach, Speaker, Author, and creator of the online “Get Loved Get Desired Relationship Program” designed for Singles and Couples to understand and navigate relationship dynamics.
After decades of study and research, Eileen offers a truly unique, holistic and specialized approach.
Eileen inspires couples to re-engage and get the love they desire through understanding their Personality Pattern couple dynamics, offering personalized Should I Stay Or Should I Go Coaching.

Giuliana Melo

Gems for Gems Ambassador

Giuliano-Melo is a spiritual teacher, speaker and best selling author. She loves being of service and empowering women. She is married for 31 years and has a 20 year old son. After her walk through cancer in 2011 she left her 32 year career to pursue her love of charity and being of service. As a spiritual teacher she understands the necessity and need to help empower women to find the strength within them, so that they can heal from abusive relationships and their life lessons. Gems for gems is close to her heart because she knows the difference they are making and would love to help serve more women.

Janis Doherty

In 2016 after the loss of my mum, I was lost myself. I had more questions than answers and knew I needed to make a change in my life. Standing at the crossroads of “what was” and “what will be” had me take an internal audit of who I was. I had lost a connection with myself. I was doing and being for everyone else and didn’t know where to turn. After three days of tears in a yurt in California, I had a spark of that connection within. I’ve spent the past two years developing HERwithin so that other women have the guidance and support they need in order to reconnect within and create a powerful shift into fulfillment. As a mother of two (27 & 28), stepmom to three (18, 21 & 23) I am dedicating my path to helping empower women to reconnect within. Everything we need is already within us. I know because I found it.

The women that Gems for Gems empower have experienced loss of so much including themselves. Gems for Gems gives the gift of empowerment which is one of the most beautiful things one women can do for another.

Linda Downey

Gems for Gems Ambassador

I am a mature, confident survivor of domestic abuse both as a child and as an adult. I am a mother of 1 and a grandmother of 2 – my goal is to see my daughter and grandchildren aspire to a great life in every way. I am self employed. Growing up in Montreal and having lived the majority of my adult life in Alberta.

Lori Mandruslak

Lori is all about giving back and has always been an advocate for the underdog.
Since leaving the corporate world due to a breakdown, she has dedicated her time to a number of charities including ‘Hearts4theHomeless’ which she started on her own four years ago. Volunteering and helping others has been monumental in her own path of healing.
She is an advocate for women of all ages and stages, she believes in empowering women to make change and she leads by example through her passion for helping others who are less fortunate.
She has been following Gems for Gems since it’s inception and is excited to become part a team of women dedicated to making a difference.

Lyndee Free

As a former Shaw TV Reporter, I’ve had the opportunity to work with many different organizations around our wonderful city. One of them was a foundation that helped house abused women and their children. I saw first hand how domestic abuse can devastate a family and how some had nowhere to turn. Another company I had the pleasure of working with was Gems for Gems, and I always said if an opportunity came up to do more, I would take it – so here I am!!!

She has been following Gems for Gems since it’s inception and is excited to become part a team of women dedicated to making a difference.

Mona Delisle

I am a part time single mother of two beautiful children ages 14 and 12. We have all survived a high conflict divorce and the toll that emotional abuse can take on a family. My independence was enabled by my education that allowed me to have a well-paying job. I worked with cancer patients for 15 years, I continue to work for Alberta Health Services where I am now dedicated to leading teams through quality improvement work that improves outcomes and safety of patients. I have a master’s degree in leadership and my superpower is developing my team so that they are able to achieve their own personal goals. The favorite part of my job is mentoring and coaching my team! I am ready to start to give back and have been looking for the right organization to give my time to. When I learned about the work Gems for Gems is doing, I was immediately hooked! I want to help women. I want to empower women, so they can empower their children. I want to break the cycle. I want to be part of the solution. The system is broken…sadly but truly…the system will not be there for women – Gems for Gems will be.